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Fall Fly Fishing on the Middle Fork


Another September full of incredible fly fishing on the Middle Fork has come and gone like a fleeting peek at an otter playing in the cold river current.


fly fishing salmon river


Sandwiched between the hedonistic heat of August and the inclement deluge of October, September is the magnificent window of opportunity for any fly fisherman/woman seeking solitude, comfortable relaxation, and really really fantastic fly fishing.


fall fly fishing middle fork fall fly fishing idaho


The most spectacular change of colors in the Idaho wilderness is not the flaming yellow of the cottonwoods, nor the blazing red ninebark covering the rugged hillsides.  It happens in the river.  As the cutthroat trout embrace the relief of cold water with aggressive hysteria, their bodies respond with a display of jaw-dropping coloration.  Their whole being is engulfed in the seasonal gorging and migration.


fall fly fishing salmon river


A huge part of our September trips is the sporting camaraderie only found in the wilderness!  Siblings, spouses, friends, guides, and our solitary selves re-identify in amazing ways on a 6 day fly fishing trip.


Camping trip Salmon River


A huge thanks to our fantastic guides and fantastic guests for making this September such a successful and magical fishing season!!!

Willi and Kat (and Brooke)