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Middle Fork Salmon River Accommodations

Backcountry Comfort

While you spend your days casting to rising cutthroat, hiking to hidden waterfalls, soaking in hot springs, and paddling through rapids,  our “Sweep Crew” (the guides who pilot our gear boat, known as Sweep Boat) is busy setting up camp.

When you arrive at your home for the evening, the tents, dining table, kitchen, shower, bathroom, and fire pan will all be set up. Your cots, mattresses, sleeping bags, pillows, and duffel bag will be waiting patiently by the tents. Beverages will be waiting on ice and hors d’oeuvres just moments away.

Large, supportive chairs will allow you to enjoy your time around the dinner table and camp fire each evening.

Our goal is to do all the hard work so you have as much time as possible to enjoy one of the greatest river canyons in the world.


We provide deluxe four person tents that make spacious double occupancy river side homes. Our comfortable combination of raised cot, plush sleeping pad, full sized pillow, and freshly laundered sheet and sleeping bag will ensure you are able to recharge between days of rafting, fishing and exploration.

Hot Shower

Our specially designed river shower provides the opportunity to enjoy a warm, private shower in the evening.

Riverside Restroom Facilities

Our riverside toilet is set up in a private area at each evenings camp. We use a fresh toilet “tank” each day of the trip. The toilet is covered by a tent for added privacy. A hand wash station is located near the restroom to promote the safety and health of all guests and guides.

Discover the unparalleled experience of Middle Fork Salmon River rafting with us, where every detail is catered to enhance your wilderness adventure and comfort.

Middle Fork Salmon River whitewater rafting
Salmon River accommodations

Our Trips 

summer fly fishing in a wooden drift boat on the middle fork of the salmon river in idaho

Middle Fork Salmon Fly Fishing |

Our professional, Orvis Endorsed fishing guides will show you why the Middle Fork is a world renowned fly fishery.


6 days/5 nights


Late June – Sept


per angler

rafters enjoying the summer weather on the middle fork of the salmon river.

Middle Fork Salmon Rafting |

Our professional river guides will show you why the Middle Fork is one of the world’s premier multi-day whitewater adventures.


6 days/5 nights


June – September

From $3250

per person

“The 6 days that I spent with you all was like nothing I have ever experienced. The Middle Fork of the Salmon River is like no other place I have ever been. You and your crew made our time there so effortless and calm. I cannot thank you enough for that”
Mark H.


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