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Idaho Fly Fishing – Salmon River

Guided Fly Fishing on the Salmon River in Idaho – Summer Trips

For over 100 miles the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in the Frank Church Wilderness Area transforms from “creek fishing on steroids,” to deep pool-and-drop canyon sections.  Hundreds of bedrock formations offer fun casting opportunities, including the remarkable Underwater Canyon, Gin Pool, and Aparajo Canyon.

Our Salmon River Fishing Guides will place you in front of unique granite walls, behind mid-river rocks and seam lines, and swarming back eddies. Between the changing Idaho Salmon River and the pristine tributaries that enlarge throughout your wilderness rafting adventure, you will fish the largest variety of stimulating fly water in one float than anywhere else in the West.

Salmon River Guided Fishing with Solitude River Trips means submersing into the Middle Fork’s vibrant river ecosystem; we commonly see romps of river otters, convocations of raptors, and solitary bull trout rollicking with the Cutthroat we pursue (Bull trout are hauntingly elusive predators, but like the native Chinook Salmon and Steelhead that still spawn on these headwaters, we never disturb this highly endangered species).

The Cutthroat was the first Salmonid chronicled by Lewis and Clark on their historic journey through this monumental region of the American Rockies; Salmon River fly fishing with Solitude entails reverting to a time when the Cutthroat was the dominant Trout species in the American West.

Our river trips are small and personable so they fill fast.

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Duration and Pricing


6 Days, 5 Nights


$4,550 per person
($2,100 deposit)

Departure Dates

June 23
July 1
July 9
July 17
July 25
August 2
August 10
August 18
Our trips are Full-Service and All-Inclusive!

All fees are included: 3% of adjusted revenue is for a commercial land use fee on National Forest Lands; and $4/person/day Recreation Enhancement Act Fee

The only things not included in the trip price are gratuities for our spectacular guide staff (typically 15% of the trip price), Trip Cancellation Insurance, and Airfare if water levels require a flight into our wilderness launch site.

Student Discount: $280.00 (Age 15 or younger).

We take bookings 2 years in advance, and often prime season trips fill 12 months in advance.  It’s never too early to make a reservation.


  • All fees are included: $4/day Recreation Enhancement Act Fee, and 3% of the company’s adjusted gross revenues are for a land use fee for operating commercially on National Forest Lands
  • Round Trip transportation: Air and ground transportation provided from and to Stanley ID, except when low water requires a flight into the wilderness from Stanley
  • Fresh and Gourmet Food: We fly fresh food into the wilderness so that we can have fresh produce, bread, and cookies until the last day of the trip
  • Luxurious Camping Accommodations
  • Professional Guiding and Full Service on and off the river
  • All necessary gear, including: sleeping bag, deluxe wilderness mattress, life jacket, roomy four person tent for every two people, camp chairs, dining table, complimentary water resistant duffel for you personal gear (yours to keep), waterproof container for your day use items, eating utensils, drink cup, water bottle, plenty of ice, wine with dinner, and an ample supply of cold beverages.
  • Premium Orvis fly fishing gear: rod, reel, and our go-to flies. If you have favorite rods and reels, please bring them along with hard cases. Read more.


Glamorous-Camping with Solitude is the opposite of roughing it. When you arrive at camp, your tent is set up and ready for you, and your guide will happily assist you with your items and help you settle in for your stay. Appetizers are ready as soon as the mid-day munchies set in, and a backcountry-gourmet masterpiece is served around a welcoming campfire as the sun sets over the canyon. Glamping with Solitude is designed to alleviate you of the busy work typically associated with camping, so you can enjoy every second you have on the Middle Fork to pursue your own interest.
All you will need are personal clothes and items, toiletries, personal liquor, and a fishing license, if applicable. (We will provide you with a pack list of the clothes you will need). Solitude provides all camping gear, sleeping bags, pillows, cots, wilderness mattresses, a mug, and a water bottle. Solitude will also provide you with a personal river Duffel for the trip, which is yours at the end of the trip!

We are happy to furnish you with rods, reels, line, flies, and all other fishing gear. This is complimentary, and our gear is new, top-of-the-line Orvis equipment.

Yes! A hot shower is available in the evenings. Biodegradable soap is preferred, and no soap may be used directly in the natural hot springs or the river.
By all means ask! We are more than happy to give you the names of past guests to call. Our proudest reference is Orvis– Solitude River Trips proudly provides an Orvis Endorsed Expedition! Check out our Review page.

Our fishing season is at the end of June until October. There are a few things to consider when planning a fishing trip on the Middle Fork. During our July – August trips, you will

Flying In: When water levels reach a certain point, we will start our trips at our wilderness launch point. This means flying into the wilderness from Stanley. (Airfare not included in trip price, approximately $120.00/person). Typically we need to fly in on our August 2nd trip and onward, although this is completely water level dependent and is hard to predict until spring time. Flights are incredibly memorable and scenic.

Our Boats: We use both MacKenzie style drift boats and Custom Fishing Rafts. We use fishing rafts all season, and the best time to float the Middle Fork in a drift boat is July and early August.

The best time to float depends on what you are looking for in a wilderness fly fishing experience. Please contact us with any questions about planning the best trip for your party.

The following are physical and mental eligibility criteria for all participants on any Middle Fork
of the Salmon river trip. You must:

  • Be at least twelve years of age to be on a river trip in June and eight years of age in July,
    August and September.
  • Have the ability to get on and off of the raft independently or with the assistance of a
    designated companion. This may include maneuvering your body over and across tubes
    and fixed objects.
  • Have the ability to wear a Type V Coast Guard approved personal floatation device in
    accordance with manufacturer recommendations.
  • Have the ability to remain in a seated position for greater than one hour.
  • Have the ability to hold on to taut lines or handles through rapids.
  • Have the ability to assist in self-rescue in the event of an unexpected swim. This includes
    the ability to hold your breath and control your breathing while being repeatedly
    splashed with or submerged in water; the ability to orient yourself to new “in-river”
    surroundings; the ability to get out from under an overturned boat; the ability to swim
    into the current and float on your back; the ability to swim towards a boat or shoreline
    which may be greater than 50 yards away; the ability to receive a rescue rope, throw
    cushion, paddle, or human assistance, and possibly let go of the same.
  • Have the ability to swim 50 yards in flat water.
  • Have the ability to walk under low branches, around vegetation, and on uneven, slippery,
    rocky, and sandy ground unaided or with the assistance of reasonable additional
    equipment, or with the assistance of a designated companion. This includes the ability to
    maintain your balance near precipitous ledges or cliffs.
  • Have the ability to position yourself from standing, to sitting, to ground level and back to
    standing independently or with the assistance of a designated companion.
  • Have the ability to carry personal gear from shore to camp and back to the boats
    independently or with the assistance of a designated companion.
  • Have the ability to maintain your own safety in an environment where allergen exposure
    and cross-contamination may occur.
  • Have the ability to manage all personal care independently or with a designated
  • Have the ability to participate in all activities of daily living such as eating, toileting, and
    dressing independently or with the assistance of a designated companion.
  • Have the ability to manage all personal medications, including dosing and
    administration, independently or with the assistance of a designated companion.
  • Have the ability to comprehend and follow all verbal and non-verbal instructions given
    by crew in all situations, including during stressful or dangerous situations, and to
    effectively communicate with crew.
  • Have the ability to effectively communicate with other passengers.
  • Have the ability to remain adequately fed, hydrated, and properly dressed so as to avoid
    environmental injuries such as heat-related illness and sunburn.
  • Have the ability to participate in a group setting, in a remote environment, without
    negatively impacting or jeopardizing the health or safety of the other trip participants or

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