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A Salmon River Rafting trip on the Middle Fork is one of the paramount outdoor adventures of North America, and is one of the only remaining experiences that is both comfortable and truly "wild".

The Middle Fork carves its way through one of the largest wilderness areas in the United States, the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness, in the heart of central Idaho. Whitewater rafters running the Middle Fork will thrill to the majestic cliffs that hem the river canyon, and will be lulled to sleep by coyotes laughing and owls preaching.

A typical day on the river begins with the stunning alpenglow on the mountainous canyon walls and the sounds and smells of the Rocky Mountains coming to life.  As you enjoy a gourmet breakfast around the fire, our guide staff will be working behind the scenes to break down your tents and load the boats.

Each day of floating on the Middle Fork holds fresh opportunities and activities; you can choose to explore and learn, or to relax and transcend. Deciphering Native American Pictographs, revitalizing in natural Hot Springs, catching trout, and hiking to glorious look-outs, or simply lounging by the water are just a few of the available activities.

Calm stretches interspersed with smaller rapids lie between the notorious whitewater sections, giving less seasoned rafters a chance to paddle, swim, or just kick back and enjoy the scenery. We’ll stop for lunch mid-day, and by late afternoon, we will arrive at that evening’s camp, which is ready for your arrival.

After a leisurely "happy-hour" around camp, an elaborate dinner will be served – Pacific Salmon, our famous Fried Chicken, or one of the best Pork Chops you’ve ever had.  After dinner, there’s a chance for conversation, perhaps some music, and a chance to drink in the beauty of the crystal clear Idaho night sky.

White Water Rafting


Late spring runoff makes June the highest and most adrenalized whitewater month as warm summer weather reaches the deep snowpack high in the mountains. As the summer progresses, the rapids calm and slow.

In the course of our 106 mile Middle Fork rafting trip, you will encounter more than 300 rapids.  Some are gentle Class I riffles, accessible to beginning paddlers.

Others are the heart-pounding Class III and IV sections that have made the Middle Fork of the Salmon River one of the most prized whitewater rivers in the world: Velvet Falls, Pistol Creek, Hells Half Mile, Devil’s Tooth, Ski Jump, Tappan Falls, House of Rock. You will experience all of these exciting and historic rapids.

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"What a blessing to be on a world class rafting and fishing river that is almost exactly as it was when the white man first stumbled across it -- no roads, houses, billboards, trails of any kind -- only the gorgeous sounds and sights and smells of nature." - Paul O, Texas

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Why Choose Us?

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