Luxurious Accommodations in the Wilderness


While we are splashing about with our fly rods and paddles all day, our "Sweep Crew" (the guys who take down our enormous gear boat, or Sweep Boat, who make all of these niceties possible) is busy setting up camp.

When you arrive the tents, dining table, kitchen, shower, powder room, and fire pan will all be set up. Your cots, mattresses, sleeping bags, pillows, and duffel bag will be waiting patiently by the tents. Beverages will be waiting on ice and hors d'oeuvres are moments away.

It is important to us that each of our guests is as comfortable as possible in a place where we can have no generators, electricity, (or cell service!). Even without these concurrent conveniences, we can be happy glampers on a 6 day adventure that feels like we are entering a different time.



Solitude River Trips is often referred to as a floating 5 star hotel and restaurant. We are proud of our elaborate system that allows us to enjoy fine dining and comfortable accommodations in the middle of the Frank Church Wilderness.

A dining table and sturdy chairs are filled with happy guests and gourmet food every morning and every night. Wine with dinner and a couple cold beers when you arrive at camp are included; we will keep any personal beverages cold and accessible (you can bring as much as you like). Fresh, pure, thoroughly filtered mountain water is available on and off the boats (this is some of the best water you've ever tasted!)

We regularly fly fresh food into select airstrips along the river, so we can enjoy fresh produce, bread, dairy, and meat as we float along.

To learn more about our food, Click Here.


Hot Shower

Our propane heated shower is manually operated (no motors or generators allowed in nationally designated wilderness areas). You will have as much hot water as you need. A foot pump attached to a shower nozzle will deliver water to your bodus.

Showers are available anytime after we arrive at camp. You can use soap in the shower (but no soap in the pristine hot springs!)


Powder Room

Our wilderness Necessarium is a clean, comfortable porta-potty (fresh tank every day).  It has a proper seat and is enclosed for privacy. 

It's the Big White Phone without any cell service! You'll never give payment to a Chunder Box with a better view! You'll completely loose yourself in the scenery while using our gaudyGardy-Loo!  Your boat might do an endo, but you'll stay dry on our Gabinetto!


"The details are not the details. They make the design."

We may have everything we need to provide your party with the greatest experience of your lives, but it wouldn't matter without two things:

Our meticulous and thoughtful guides, and their meticulous consideration of every detail to make your vacation as carefree and memorable as possible.  This is what really counts.


top Solitude's famous 2" Bone-In All-Natural Pork Chop
right Fresh Dutch Oven Bread


We are happy to accommodate any dietary needs including gluten free and vegetarian.

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Solitude River Trips
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"If someone is looking for a truly premium fishing trip with the best of the best guides and an outfit run by people that really care then Solitude River Trips should be your fist choice on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River." - Bill P, Washington