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These photos are from a recent fly fishing adventure into the headwaters of Loon Creek, the 2nd largest tributary of the Middle Fork.

Loon Creek Middle Fork

The Frank Church – River of No Return Wilderness essentially consists of three immense drainages: The Main Salmon River, The Middle Fork of the Salmon (largest tributary of the Salmon River), and Big Creek (largest tributary of the Middle Fork).  Each of these dominating watersheds has countless tributaries and feeder creeks.

Loon Creek Salmon River

As we float the Middle Fork we gain spectacular views from the bottom of the canyon, but the headwaters of the tributaries remain hidden from sight.  When we get an opportunity to hike just a small distance up from the bottom of the river canyon, we get a perspective of how vast and massive these trout fisheries really are.

Loon Creek Middle Fork   Loon Creek Salmon River   Loon Creek Middle Fork

Fly Fishing is a great excuse to learn about yourself, your friends, strangers, and new places.  Countless trails, scrambles, swims, and tight lines are just waiting out there…and all in the name of fly fishing!

Loon Creek Salmon River   Loon Creek Middle Fork

Loon Creek Salmon River

Each tributary has its own distinct vibe which is defined by the particular section of Idaho Batholith which it has whittled over last 6 million years.  And each with its own human history as well.

Loon Creek Middle Fork     Loon Creek Salmon River

Loon Creek Middle Fork  Loon Creek Salmon River  Loon Creek Middle Fork

Cheers and reflection:

Loon Creek Salmon River