Traveling to Stanley Idaho

Round Trip Ground Transportation Included

During our Summer rafting and fly fishing trips (June - August) we provide round trip ground transportation from Stanley, Idaho. On your way back back to Stanley from the "take out" we will pass the Salmon airport, where you will have the option to catch a flight to Boise, Sun Valley, Jackson Hole, Missoula, or wherever else you need to go. You will return to Stanley at approximately 5:30 PM on the evening of the last day of your trip.

I recommend staying in Stanley on the night before your trip, as well as the the night that you return.  If you do need to hit the road that evening, you should easily be able to make it to Sun Valley or Boise.

When the water drops in the later part of our summer season, we will need to fly into Indian Creek (riverside wilderness launch point). Flying into the wilderness is incredibly memorable and scenic. Airfare is not included in the trip price.

Traveling to our September Fishing Trips

During our September fishing trips, you have the option of flying directly into Thomas Creek (riverside launch point in the middle of the wilderness) from the Boise Airport. This is very convenient.

Or, if you are driving to Idaho, you can meet us in Salmon, ID on the evening before your trip and fly in to Thomas Creek from Salmon. If you choose to fly directly into the wilderness We will mail you your river duffel, dry bag, and all of the information you will need to prepare for your trip.







Getting to Idaho

Boise International is the biggest airport in Idaho, and is Idaho’s nexus to the rest of the world. If you are flying to Idaho, this is the easiest destination. If you prefer, you can also fly into the Sun Valley which is slightly closer to Stanley.

Getting To Stanley

Once you are in Boise, you have two options to get up to Stanley: rent a car and drive, or fly in an air taxi.

Click Here for our guide to lodging and dining in Stanley, Idaho

Driving from Boise to Stanley

The drive from Boise to Stanley is 130 miles and takes 3 hours and 15 minutes. Fuel up in Boise, and punch "Stanley, Idaho" into your smart phone. Or, take the "Ponderosa Pine Scenic Byway" (Hwy 21) all the way from Boise to Stanley.

Shuttling Your Car

You will not need to shuttle your car unless you are planning to drive north or west into Montana, Wyoming, or Northern Idaho after your trip. If so, you can have your vehicle shuttled to North Fork, ID or Salmon, ID where you will see it shortly after we get off the river. As always, just let us know if you have any questions about your travel logistics. This is the most reliable shuttle service:

River Shuttles 
(208) 756 4188

Air Taxi Services

If you are making plans to fly up to Stanley, back to Boise from Salmon or Stanley, or fly into the Middle Fork for a September fishing trip, these are the most reliable air taxi services:

G & S Aviation
(208) 325 4432

Middle Fork Aviation
(208) 879 5728

Gem Air 
(208) 756 4188















Where is the Middle Fork of the Salmon River?

Located in central Idaho north of Stanley and the Salmon River Mountains

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"In my 70 years, most of this time spent in the outdoors, I have not found another outfitter that was so efficient and complementary of their guests.  The trip was great fishing, fine food, and your crew was the best in every way." - Ray H, Oregon





Our summer trips are round-trip from the quaint town of Stanley, gateway to the wilderness

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