Fly Fishing Gear

We are prepared to furnish your Middle Fork fly fishing experience with new, state-of-the-art Orvis gear. The use of our rods, reels, and line is complimentary.

Our guides are excited to help you with all tying, landing, and releasing needs with extra leader, tippet, flies, and flotant at the ready.

Fly Rod

A 4 or 5 wt rod in the 8-9 foot length is ideal for fishing from the boat on the Middle Fork.  We'll be sticking to the Orvis Helios II, Superfine, and trying the new Recon.


There are many good reels on the market, and Orvis has some of the best. For durability and a great price, try the Battenkill reel. For a top reel in the industry, check out the CFO series.


Leaders & Tippet

Tapered leaders approximately 7-9 feet long, 6 lb 4X are best. These fish are not leader shy. 


You will not need waders or hip waders! If you plan to wade during lunch or while we are at camp, the Orvis Clearwater Wading Shoe or similar water shoe or sturdy sandal is ideal.


If you prefer to bring your own flies, here is a list of our top Middle Fork recommendations:

  • Elk Hair Caddis Light & Dark, 10-14
  • Schroders Parachute Hopper 10-12
  • Royal Wulff 10-14
  • PMX Orange, Red, Olive 10-12
  • Ferddy 10
  • Parachute adams 10-14
  • Stimulator Orange, Yellow, Green 8-13
  • Dave’s Hopper 8-12
  • Royal Trude 10-14
  • Irresistible 10-14
  • Humpy Yellow, Red 12-14
  • Bead Head nymphs

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"What a blessing to be on a world class rafting and fishing river that is almost exactly as it was when the white man first stumbled across it -- no roads, houses, billboards, trails of any kind -- only the gorgeous sounds and sights and smells of nature." - Paul O, Texas

Summer Fly Fishing

Summer Fly Fishing

Drift Boats or custom fishing rafts from July - August on the world's greatest all-native cutthroat trout fly fishery.

Fall Fly Fishing

Fall Fly Fishing

Our September trips are small and personable. This is a special time to be on the river as the water cools and we have the wilderness all to ourselves.