Our Fly Fishing Boats

Drift Boats

The Solitude River Trips drift boats used today are very similar to the original designs used to explore Idaho’s whitewater rivers in the beginning of the 19th century. Our guides pride themselves on a mastery of this timeless style of boating! You will not find a more nostalgic and unique fishing experience than fishing dry flies from a Solitude drift boat on the Middle Fork of the Salmon.

Additionally, these boats are extremely maneuverable and allow your guide to slice currents and hold you still in otherwise inaccessible fly water.  Because of the Middle Fork's tumbling, technical nature, we use MacKenzie style drift boats.  You and your fishing partner will sit at the front of the boat, where your guide can more easily instruct or direct whoever is at the casting deck.

Custom Fishing Rafts

Our custom fishing rafts are smaller and narrower than conventional oar rafts, which allow the guide to maneuver them more like a drift boat than a conventional raft.

The benefit of our custom fishing rafts is that two people can simultaneously fish aggressively (or relax) from both the front and rear casting decks.  This allows for more fishing time for both fishermen/women.

Please ask if you have any questions about about selecting your craft.  As water levels drop, it becomes unpracticle to use drift boats so during our late August and September fishing trips you will be fishing from a fishing raft only.

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"If someone is looking for a truly premium fishing trip with the best of the best guides and an outfit run by people that really care then Solitude River Trips should be your fist choice on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River." - Bill P, Washington